How to Set Up a Nassau Betting Game

What is and how to set up a Nassau betting game?

What is a Nassau betting game?

The Nassau betting game is only available if you have upgraded to a Premium membership.

Also known as 2-2-2 or "Best Nines," Nassau was invented at Nassau Country Club in Long Island.  The Nassau is one of golf's most classic and most popular wagers.

This game is essentially three separate bets in a Match Play format:

  • Money is wagered on the best match play score on the front nine (holes 1-9), back nine (holes 10-18), and total 18 holes.  In Match Play format, the player with the lowest score wins the point.  A tie is zero points.  The player with the most points after each segment, wins the pot.
  • For example: in a $2 Nassau bet, the total pot is worth $6.  The player with the most Match Play points after 9-holes wins $2, the player with the most points for the back nine, wins the next $2, and the player with combined most points wins the last $2.

Nassau often also has the ability to "press," but we didn't include that functionality yet.  If you would like us to include that in a future update, please let us know by emailing our customer support team at

How to set up a Nassau betting game?
  1. Select a course to play
  2. Add additional players to the game
  3. Before you start the round, scroll to the "Game Settings" section and click "SCORECARD TYPE" and select "NASSAU"
  4. Under the "Let's Make It Interesting" section you will need to press wager and then add a front nine wager, back nine wager and a full 18 wager
  5. Click "SAVE"
  6. Click "START ROUND"
* updated November 14, 2019

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