How to Use Club Tracker to Track Your Shots

You can learn how to use the Club Tracker with just a few short steps:
  1. When standing at your ball, tap the icon that says Track located in the bottom left-hand of your screen to load the Club Tracker. If you are using an Apple Watch you can tap Track Shot below the yardage readout. If you are using a WearOs watch, tap the dashes at the bottom of the main screen.
  2. Select the club you are using
  3. Turn off your screen and put your phone in your pocket, and hit the ball. If you are using a watch you simply need to hit your ball.
  4. Turn on the screen as you are walking up to your ball. This helps give the app a little time to lock in your exact location.
  5. Touch the button in the bottom left corner "END SHOT" to end your shot.
So: Bottom left corner —> Track—> (put in your pocket and hit ball); walk to ball —-> End Round—> (Start new shot if you’d like and repeat)

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