How To Turn Premium Features On/Off in a Round

How to can I turn on/off Club Recommendations, Wind Speed, Elevation, and Plays Like Distance for my round?

In order to disable club recommendations, wind speed and elevation, and plays like distances from the round you need to enabled Tournament Mode. To turn this on please follow the steps below.

  1. After you select the course you will be playing you will be presented with a set of options for the round which is where the Tournament toggle is located.
  2. Depending on your screen size you may need to scroll down on the settings page to toggle "Tournament" on or off.
  3. If you forget to enable or disable Tournament Mode prior to starting the round, then when you are in a round, you can click the Score button at the bottom, then tap "Score Settings" to return to the pre-round options and tap the toggle on or off.
  4. If you enable Tournament Mode for a round that toggle may remain on for future rounds, so once your tournament is over and you return to regular rounds make sure to disable that option again to see the features available again in-app.
* updated March 21, 2022