How Do I Conserve Battery Life While Using the App?

How do I conserve battery life on the course?

There are a few factors that can contribute to excessive battery consumption during a round.  If you are noticing a higher than normal usage, here are some steps you can take:
Close previously open apps. Having a number of apps still running in the background can put unwanted strain on the battery, as the phone is trying to do too many things at once, and depending on the age of the phone, it may have a larger impact.
You can also change which apps are used in the background in your phone's settings.  Non-essential apps running in the background can drain the battery, so you can look into which apps you want to limit when not in use.
Your device's screen has the biggest impact on your battery. The simple act of turning the screen off between shots will decrease your battery consumption. You can also lower the brightness of your phone, as a brighter screen will consume more battery.
Please also keep in mind that continuous usage of other apps during a round, such as messaging, email, or media related apps, will cause the battery to deplete faster.
If you are still noticing a significant drain on your battery, the SwingU app has a power usage setting that can help maintain your battery while playing.  To adjust the app’s power usage:
Log into the app
1) Tap "You"
4) Tap "POWER USAGE" and select High, Medium High or Medium-Low
When you set it to High, GPS runs continuously and syncs your round as often as possible, but also consumes the most battery life.  Setting it to Medium High will cycle GPS on and off during app usage.  Round data syncs less often, which helps conserve battery life.  When set to Medium-Low, the GPS cycles on and off, but less frequently than Medium High.  Your round will not sync as often, but battery life is maximized.
updated November 30, 2018

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