What Courses are in the SwingU Database?

Does SwingU have my course in the database already?

We have over 32,000 courses active and available in our system already. So odds are, yes, we have your course. You can search for your course on our website.

  1. Visit SwingU.com
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on "COURSES"
  3. From https://courses.swingu.com/, you can either search for it by name, or city.
  4. Once you find the course that you are looking for, click on it and it will bring up the course home page

Any active course you see on the website is also available on the SwingU app for use during your round.

If you don't find your course, we can always add it to the system!  Just email support@SwingU.com with a copy of the scorecard and provide the below information.  

Course full name

Street address


Province (if applicable)


zip code (if applicable)

Phone number


Measurement type (yards or meters)

Number of holes.

Course type (public, private or semi- private)

We will then add it to the database and send you an email that it is ready to play

Will I get access to more courses with a paid upgrade?

Every course that is mapped in the database is available to EVERY SwingU user, free or paid. 

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