What Are Insights And How Do I Use Them

What Are Insights?

Insights is designed to help you understand how you play at a particular course, as well as how other users have faired on the same hole. You will see the stats for Average Score, Fairway Hit Percentage, Greens In Regulation, Number of Putts, and Number of Penalties. This can help you plan appropriately how you would like to approach each swing to give you the best chance to succeed during your round.

We have also added a notes feature so that you can keep track of specific things that happened during your round that you may find useful for later rounds. Examples of these can be tricky bunkers, proper approach angles, clubs to use or not use depending on location, etc.

How Do I Use Insights?

The Insights are located in the lower left-hand corner of the app when you are viewing the satellite overview screen for a particular hole. Pressing the Insights button will bring up all of the information that we have for both you and others so you can view your stats relative to the field of users who have played there and view everything all at once.

You can also move from hole to hole right from this screen to view all of the stats for the course if you like, so you do not have to spend time on each hole understanding the data provided, and you can use the arrow keys below the data to navigate.

To make notes about a given hole, open the Insights tab, and at the top you will see the option for "Hole X Notes" where you will then have a field that you can use to enter any notes that you wish to keep. Just type what you would like to have and press the enter key on your keyboard and your note will be saved with the round date in the notes field. If you wish to delete a note just press the delete option on the right and confirm you wish to delete it.

How Do I Minimize The Insights?

Once you have reviewed the information you can either press the down arrow on the upper right of the insights tab or simply press anywhere above it on the satellite image and you will be returned to the playing screen.

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