How To End A Round Prior To Completing 9 or 18 holes

But I'm Not Done

We know that things come up even when you are out on the course that stops you from having the time to finish a round. In these instances, it is possible to end the round prior to being prompted to do so on the 9th or 18th holes.

  • To end a round manually just tap on settings in the lower right-hand corner then "END ROUND"
  • You will then be brought to the same screen you would normally see at the turn or finish allowing you to SAVE & CLOSE, DELETE, or CONTINUE your round.
  • If you choose CONTINUE you will be taken back to the satellite view where you can continue playing as normal.
  • If you choose SAVE & CLOSE your round will be saved in your rounds section for future viewing and all your stats will be saved.
  • If you choose DELETE then you will be asked if you are sure, and if you choose YES then you will be taken back to the home screen.

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