Course Edits and New Course Additions

To see edits/new course changes on the app:

First off, thank you for taking the time to edit an already existing course or to add a new one!  Here at SwingU, we are always trying to have the most up to date information for our customers, and we really appreciate our customers taking the time to help out!  

Once the updates have been submitted and approved, they will then be applied to the database by a customer service admin. You will then receive an email advising that they have been approved.

To see the changes on the app, please log out of the app and log back in and the updates will be there to view.

How long does it take for my course edits/addition to get approved?

Any edits will normally be approved the next business day (Monday - Friday) after submission

Our customer service team works very hard to get course edits/additions approved in a timely manner.  However, some times we do get backed up and simply ask for your patience.  It may take a little longer than the next business day, but the updates will get approved so you can use out on the course.

You will get an approval email from us as soon as your changes are approved

If you have any other questions in regards to changes you have made to a course or a new course you have submitted, please feel free to contact the SwingU customer support team at 

* updated October 9, 2018

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