How to Set Up a Stableford Betting Game

What is and how to set up a Stableford betting game?

What is a Stableford betting game?

The Stableford betting game is only available if you have upgraded to a Premium membership.

In Stableford format, you try and get as many points as possible.

On each hole, your score is translated into points.

  • Double bogey or worse = 0 points
  • Bogey = 1 point
  • Par = 2 points
  • Birdie = 3 points 
  • ... and so on

Stableford is great for golfers who have one or two blow up holes per round, because the worst possible score you can get is a zero.  It rewards aggressive play and can also help speed up the game, as any player who reaches double bogey can simply pick up their ball and take zero points.

How to set up a Stableford betting game?
  1. Select a course to play
  2. Add additional players to the game
  3. Before you start the round, scroll to the "Game Settings" section and click the drop down arrow under "SCORECARD TYPE"
  4. In the "Premium" section, select "STABLEFORD"
  5. Click "START ROUND"
* updated September 1, 2017