How to Set Up a Skins Game

What is and how to set up a skins game?

What is a skins game?

Skins is a fun game to play with 2 or more people.  

Each hole is a "skin" which is assigned a value.

At the end of each hole, the lowest score wins the skin.  If two players are tied. the skin value is pushed up to the next hole.

Skins is usually played with 2 players.  But, if 3 or 4 are playing, the skins will stack up and be worth more to the lucky player against the other players!

How to set up a skins game:
  1. Select a course to play
  2. Add additional players to the game
  3. Before you start the round, scroll to the "Scoring" section and click the word "Scoring" or click on the scoring method displayed(i.e. Strokes Play, Stableford, etc.)
  4. Select "Skins"
  5. Click "START ROUND"

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