How to Set Up a Syndicates Game

What is and how to set up a Syndicates game?

What is a Syndicates game?

The Syndicates game type is only available if you have upgraded to a Premium membership.

A fun game for 3 players only, Syndicate divvies up six points on each hole.

The winner gets 4 points, second place 2 points and third place 0 points.  For example:

  • Billy gets a Par = 4 points
  • Joe gets a Bogey = 2 points
  • Bob gets a Double Bogey = 0 points

If any players score a tie, their points are added up and split evenly.  For example:

  • Billy gets a Par = 3 points ((4+2) /2)
  • Joe gets a Par = 3 points
  • Bob gets a Double Bogey = 0 points

This game is also sometimes called Triples.

How to set up a Syndicates game?
  1. Select a course to play
  2. Add additional players to the game
  3. Before you start the round, scroll to the "Round Settings" section and click the "Scorecard" option.
  4. Select "SYNDICATES"
  5. Click "START ROUND"
* updated September 1, 2017