Setting up an Apple Watch

SwingU supports all versions of Apple watch

Please take the following steps.

1.     Once Apple's Watch app is downloaded from the app store to the phone, please tap it, then tap the field showing your Apple watch and turn on the auto switch.

2.     Return to the main page and tap General.

3.     Tap app install and turn on Automatic App install.

4.     Tap watch orientation.

5.     Select the wrist you will wear the watch on and the crown  (they will be opposite)

6.     Back to General and scroll down to Enable handoff and turn on.

7.     Then wake screen turn on "wake screen on Wrist Raise.

9.     Under On Tap select "Wake for 70 seconds."

10.  Under "On screen wake show last app," check either "Within 1 Hour of Last Use" or "Always"

Once all of these settings are completed, log on to the app, go to accessories, tap apple watch and turn on and save. You will also need to make sure that you have enabled location settings to "Always" in your phone's privacy settings so the app on the phone can update the watch even when away in your pocket, as the phone needs to be within Bluetooth range to communicate with the watch.

The app and the watch will now be ready to use together.