How to Add or Remove a Friend

To add a friend to your account:

  1. Log into the app
  2. On the home page click on the three lines in the lower left corner and select "Settings"
  3. Once in Settings, select "FRIENDS"
  4. Tap "ADD FRIEND"
  5. Then you can add a friend one of two ways
    1. Click "CONTACTS" in the upper right corner and this will open your contacts lists and you can select the friend that you want to add
    2. Enter "Name/Nickname" and "Email" for your friend  (we will only send the round emails, no solicitations) and then click "SAVE"

To add a friend to your round from the start:

  1. On the Round Setup screen, after you have selected your course, tap "Add Player"
  2. If you have already added the friend to your account, select their name from the list of friends. You can select up to 5 additional people to include in your round.
  3. If you have not added them to your account already, tap "New Friend" in the upper right corner.
  4. Enter their details and tap "Add Friend" or tap the Contacts link to select from your contacts.

To add a friend after the round has started:

  1. Click "More" at the bottom of the hole view screen
  2. Click "Round Settings"
  3. Select "Add Player"
  4. Choose the friend from the list that populates or use the New Friend option
  5. Click "Continue Round"

To remove a player from the round:

  1. If you are still in the initial Round Setup screen you do not need to navigate away. If you are already in the round, click "More" at the bottom of the hole-view screen and click "Round Settings"
  2. Above the handicap box for the players you have added, there will be a red trash can icon. Tap that to remove the player from the round.
  3. A dialogue box will open asking "Are you sure you want to remove this player" and tap "Remove"

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