How to Map a 27 Hole Course

How do I set up and map a 27 hole course?

To properly add a 27-hole course, you need to add three separate 9-hole courses. That way when you are on the course, you can select any two of the 9-hole courses to make up your 18-holes. 

If each of the 9-hole courses do not have individual names, they can be named as follows, for example: Golf Course (1-9), Golf Course (10-18), Golf Course (19-27) etc.

This will also give any user the chance to play any of the 9 holes in any order.

  1. To start adding your courses, go to
    1. Once a course is requested it will need to be added by a member of our team and the scorecard and layout information will then need to be added prior to play.
  2. Once the courses are in the database, you can use the app to combine them
  3. Select which course you want to play for the front 9
  4. On the "Scorecard Settings" screen click on "+ ADD BACK 9"
  5. The app will give you a list of the 9 hole courses in the area
  6. Select the course for the back 9 holes and the app will combine them into one 18 hole round
  7. This must be done either before the start of the round or prior to scoring the 9th hole.
* updated January 24, 2020

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