Why Is My Score Lower On The Handicap Page?

Why Does My Round Score Not Match What I See In The Handicap Section?

Under the World Handicap guidelines, and as we had previously implemented within the app, you will see a limit of Net Double Bogey as the maximum hole score (for handicapping purposes only) so your handicap page will show the net score as potentially lower than your rounds page as a result.  Example: A Course Handicap of 18 receives one stroke per hole for 18 holes; the player’s max score is triple bogey on any hole, which equals a Net Double Bogey.

Do I Need To Make These Adjustments Myself?

You do not need to mark your strokes any differently than you have in the past, as all of the work to figure out the net double bogey will be done within our system and shown properly to you on the handicap page. What this means is that you should still score every stroke you take to finish a hole but when viewing the handicap page the rounds adjusted gross score will be lower if you marked any holes as more than a net double bogey. 

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