What Is World Handicap And How Does It Effect Me

Starting in 2020, the USGA guidelines that we have previously used to calculate and maintain a handicap will be changing in favor of the new World Handicap System. This is designed to be a more inclusive set of rules for golfers the world over, and help players better understand how they stack up against those that may have played previously with a different set of rules for handicaps.

The change features many benefits for golfers the world over including more flexibility in playing formats and games that will allow competitive and recreational rounds to count for handicap purposes to better reflect your ability as a player. The number of eligible scores needed to determine a new handicap is 54 holes from any combination of 18-hole and 9-hole rounds which is what we have always used prior to issuing a new user a handicap.

The new system allows for a handicap that is valid and informative course to course and country to country through worldwide use of the USGA Course and Slope Rating System, which is now used in more than 80 countries. The system is an average-based calculation of a handicap and uses the best 8 out of the last 20 scores as opposed to the scale used previously and has a maximum handicap limit of 54.0, regardless of gender, so as to encourage more golfers to measure and track their performance and to better compare handicaps from golfer to golfer. 

The new changes are currently available within the SwingU app and website and reflect the change from USGA guidelines to World Handicap Guidelines. You may notice that your handicap has changed recently as we have implemented this update so do not be alarmed if your handicap changed or even lowered. If you are concerned about a larger than expected change, please reach out to us by emailing support@swingu.com so we may review this for you.

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