Handicap Calculations

Handicap Calculations....what rounds are included?

The handicap is calculated automatically by the app as you play golf.  The app will not use rounds played on courses that are Par 3 courses, Executive courses or courses with a par less than 69.  

To see the rounds that are being used to calculate your handicap:
  1. Log into the app
  2. Under the section labeled "You," click "HANDICAP"
    1. This page will show your handicap history at the top of page
    2. Then scroll down and you will see a list of all the rounds that you have played.  The rounds that are highlighted in green are the rounds that are being used to calculate your handicap.  
    3. 9 hole rounds with a par of 35 or higher will also appear in this list.  However, these rounds will artificially lower your handicap.  We recommend that these rounds be deleted from the handicap listing.  This will not remove them from your round history and stats just from the handicap calculation. (to see how to delete a 9 hole round from your HCP, please see the FAQ labeled "How to Remove a Nine-Hole Round From My Handicap")
Why aren't all my rounds being counted in my handicap?
  • The short answer is: Not all the rounds you submit are used to calculate your handicap, only the best rounds are.
  • We use the same calculations as the World Handicap System when it comes to calculating your handicap.  Their formula does not allow rounds for courses with a par below 69.  So the par 3 and executive course rounds will show up on your round listing, but not in the handicap listing.
  • We will incorporate more rounds in your HCP once you submit more rounds to your SwingU account. The more rounds you have submitted, the more rounds we use towards your HCP. This round differential is based off of this chart:

* updated January 1, 2020

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