Entering Distances on Courses

Why don't I need to enter a distance for each tee box?

SwingU does not require you to enter a distance for a hole when mapping a course.

It feels funny to some people, because the distance info is present on all scorecards for all golf courses in the world. But, the wonderful world of technology gives us the ability to calculate the actual distance, so you don't need to enter it manually.

Here's how it works:

  1. When you map a course, we ask you to plot the location for all the tee boxes and the center of the green.
  2. The system will then show the distance from each tee marker to the center of the flag.  These distances will appear on the upper right corner of the hole view screen.  The distances shown on the screen will most likely not match the distances shown on the scorecard.  The reason being is that we have no way to tell where the official yardage marker is on the tee box.  Our tee markers are meant to show the user the location of the tee box and the approximate distance of the hole.
  3. When you ARE STANDING ON THE COURSE, we use the location of your phone, and calculate the distance between your phone and the center of the green. You can see this info in yards or meters (depending on your app settings).  

No matter what the tee marker says for a distance, the app will calculate from your location to the center of the green.

So, it might feel a little funny to not enter the distance of each hole - but that information is not necessary for the operation of SwingU. The most important thing is to properly plot each tee box, the center of the green, the Par, and the Stroke Index.

* updated  October 9, 2018