How to set up Side Bets on the Scorecard

SwingU now allows you to track side bets and payouts! Watch the video above for a tutorial on configuring your side bets. Once you have selected your course if scroll down in the pre-round options you will see the option for Side Scoring. There you can set your Per Point Wager and select which items you would like to use and how many points each are worth. The Side Bets currently available are:

  • Hole-in-one
  • Eagle
  • Birdie
  • Par
  • Fairway Hit
  • Green in Regulation
  • Chip-in
  • Sand Save
  • Double Bogey (or worse)
  • 3-putt
  • 4-putt

Should you start your round without making these choices and wish to go back, you can select SCORE at the bottom of the screen and press Score Settings to bring those options back up without exiting your round.